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Matt Wood Floor Vs. Gloss: What Is The Difference?


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between matt and gloss wood floors when looking at alternatives for your home? If so, you're not on my own. Many owners battle to decide between the 2 famous finishes whilst deciding on new wood flooring. Both have their blessings, so it clearly comes all the way down to private fashion and lifestyle factors.

In this article, we're going to damage down the key variations between matt and gloss wood floors so you can decide which is fine for your area. We'll have a look at the arrival, durability, preservation, and price issues among the two so that you can make a knowledgeable decision. 

Whether you prefer a more natural, subdued look or something brighter and flashier, we've got you covered on the matt versus gloss debate. Keep reading to finally solve the hardwood floor finish dilemma!

Matt vs Gloss Wood Floors: The Main Differences


The largest distinction between matt and gloss wooden floors comes down to appearance. Matt, or satin, wood flooring has a soft sheen and more natural look. The low-luster finish absorbs extra mild, highlighting the wood grain and growing a warmer feel. Gloss wooden flooring, however, has a high-shine, reflective finish that makes the ground seem smooth and polished. The slick floor and replicate-like sheen refract extra light, emphasizing the color of the wood.

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In terms of durability, gloss wooden floors have a tendency to be slightly extra-proof against scratches, and stains, and put on through the years in comparison to matt floors. The difficult, defensive topcoat creates an impenetrable barrier, while the softer end of matt flooring makes them greater vulnerable to dents and scratches. However, matt flooring is still very durable and long-lasting with the right care and preservation. For high-visitors and commercial areas, gloss floors may also have a mild advantage. For residential use, both choices will arise properly to normal sports.


The unique floor finishes additionally require varying stages of renovation. Gloss wood flooring needs to be buffed and polished often to preserve its shine, requiring greater common dusting and damp mopping. Matt wood floors have a naturally dull surface, so they cover dirt and fingerprints higher and only need occasional damp mopping or vacuuming to maintain smoothness. However, matt floors will still need periodic re-coating to guard the wood, typically every 3-five years.

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Overall, selecting matt or gloss wooden flooring comes all the way down to your priorities and personal fashion choices. Matt floors provide a natural, rustic appearance with low-key preservation, even as gloss floors provide a swish, polished look ideal for making a layout declaration. Either way, with the right care and maintenance, you can't go wrong with a lovely wooden floor.

The Appearance of Matt Wood Floors

Beautifully Natural

Matt or matte wood floors have an understated, natural splendor. The wood grain is visible but diffused, without the high-gloss sheen that attracts interest. The matte end lets in the natural warmth, texture, and imperfections of the wood to polish through. Matt floors generally tend to appear greater casual and rustic, ideal for farmhouse, boho, or minimalist decor.

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Low maintenance

One of the most important advantages of matt wooden flooring is that it shows fewer scratches, dents, and surface marks compared to high-gloss floors. The matte end helps cover minor imperfections and requires less common polishing or buffing to maintain its look. Matt floors are also more forgiving of dirt, dirt, and pet hair - you’ll find they don’t display debris as much underfoot. Overall, matt wooden floors have a tendency to be decreased maintenance even as nevertheless searching tremendous.

Safety first

Matt wood floors additionally have a tendency to be barely less slippery than high-gloss flooring, specifically when wet. The porous, textured surface offers extra traction underfoot. This may be a crucial protection consideration, in particular for houses with children, pets, or elderly citizens. The matte finish may help save you from dangerous slips and falls.

Versatile fashion

Don’t suppose matt floors lack fashion. While they have an understated vibe, matt wood floors can work with a extensive range of decorating patterns from rustic and bohemian to mid-century current and minimalist. The matte finish lets the natural splendor of wood shine through, so you have flexibility in selecting wood species like oak, hickory, maple, or bamboo to supplement your home’s layout. Matt floors are a versatile, timeless choice.

In the stop, deciding on between matt or sleek wood floors comes down to non-public fashion and desire. Matt wood flooring offers a natural, low-key look with practical blessings, ideal for growing a warm and inviting space. Their understated beauty and versatility allow the wood itself to be the megastar of the show.

Benefits of Choosing Matt Wood Flooring


Matt wooden flooring has a shielding coating that makes it very long-lasting and lengthy-lasting. The matte finish saves you scratches, dents, and marks from displaying as easily as they might on glossy ground. Matt wooden floors can handle heavy foot visitors and fixture motion without harm. It is right for homes with children and pets.

Low Maintenance

Matt wood flooring does not require frequent buffing or polishing like sleek wood flooring. It's matte finish way it does no longer show smudges, fingerprints, or dirt as effortlessly. You simply need to sweep, vacuum, and damp mop it on occasion to preserve it smooth. The matte end additionally does now not fade or yellow through the years from publicity to sunlight. Matt wood floors have kept their herbal wooden search for years with minimal preservation.

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The moderate texture of the matte end presents greater traction underfoot than a glossy, slick floor. Matt wood flooring reduces the threat of slipping, which is good for houses with elderly residents or younger youngsters. The matte finish gives the flooring a slightly gritty sense that facilitates saving you slips and falls.

Hide Imperfections

The matte end allows cover small imperfections inside the wood like knots, grain versions, and planks that don't take a seat flawlessly flush. The matte coating scatters the mild to disguise any minor flaws within the wood. Matt wooden flooring provides an extra uniform look universal in comparison to smooth flooring.


Many brands of matt wooden flooring use sustainable and green materials and production tactics. The matte finish is frequently water-based totally and coffee in unstable natural compounds (VOCs). Matt wood floors are a good choice if you need an environmentally friendly floor in your house.

In precis, matt wooden flooring has sizable advantages over smooth wooden flooring for homes. It is durable, low-upkeep, slip-resistant, hides imperfections properly, and is eco-friendly. Matt wood floors we could the herbal splendor of wood shine through without the hassles of a sleek end.

Potential Downsides to Matt Wood Floors

While matt wooden floors provide an attractive, natural appearance, there are a few capacity downsides to take into account earlier than installation.

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Difficult to Clean

The matte, porous end of matt wood floors makes them more susceptible to stains and spills seeping into the wood. Liquids have more floor area to soak in, and grease and dust can build up on the difficult surface. To well smooth matt flooring, you’ll need to brush, mop, or vacuum frequently and wipe up spills at once. Harsher chemical compounds can be needed for difficult stains that may harm the end over the years.

Easier to Scratch

The gentle, brushed floor matt wood floors method has a tendency to scratch and dent extra without problems. Pet claws, fixtures legs, and even shoes can motive scratches within the floor. While scratches can regularly be buffed out or touch-up kits used for small upkeep, deep scratches may require expert refinishing to restore. To assist prevent scratches, keep pets’ nails trimmed, use defensive pads underneath furniture, and keep away from carrying high heels.

Shows Wear Quicker

Due to the tough, porous surface, signs of damage and tear generally tend to reveal extra fast on matt flooring. Foot visitor's paths might also grow to be seen, and the floor can develop a “worn-in” patina over time. While a few people like the rustic appearance of distressed wooden floors, in case you prefer your floors to maintain a pristine, like-new look, matt wooden flooring may not be a nice preference. Re-coating or re-completing the flooring every few years can assist, however, will nevertheless not prevent the wood from developing person over the years.

For a few homeowners, the downsides of matt wooden flooring are minor alternate-offs for the appealing, herbal appearance they offer. However, it’s important to enter your flooring decision with sensible expectations approximately the level of renovation and care to be required to hold your matt wooden floors searching their first-class over the life of the floor

Matt Wood Flooring FAQs

How durable is matt wood flooring?

Matt wood flooring can be very durable. While the matte finish may show scratches and dents more easily than a glossy floor, the wood material itself is just as hard. For the most part, a matt wood floor will hold up well to heavy foot traffic and activity. However, it’s still a good idea to place protective pads under furniture and avoid walking on the floor with high heels. With proper care and maintenance, a matt wood floor can last for decades.

Does matt wood flooring require more maintenance?

Matt wood flooring may require slightly more maintenance than a glossy floor. Because the matte finish is more porous, it can stain more easily. It’s a good idea to sweep and vacuum matt wood floors regularly to remove grit and dirt. You should also wipe up spills and splatters quickly before they have a chance to soak in. While glossy floors only need mopping occasionally, matt floors benefit from damp mopping once a week or so to keep them clean and prevent buildup.

Can I change Matt to glossy (or vice versa)?

It is possible to change a matt wood floor to glossy, or a glossy floor to matt. However, it does require sanding down the existing finish and re-staining and sealing the floor. This process can be difficult and time-consuming as a DIY project. It’s often best left to professionals who have the proper equipment and experience. They will sand the floor, stain it if needed, and apply two to three coats of the new finish, waiting for it to dry in between. The floor will also need to cure for several days before allowing foot traffic. Converting from matt to glossy (or glossy to matt) can fully change the look and feel of your wood floors.

Do matt and glossy floors have the same color options?

Both matt and glossy wood floors are available in a variety of wood types and stains. Some of the most popular options for both include oak, maple, hickory and bamboo. So you can choose a wood and stain you love, and then select either a matt or glossy finish. The main difference will be the sheen and texture, not the color. Both matt and glossy seals will enhance and protect the natural wood tone. It comes down to the look and style you want.


So there you have it. The key differences between matte and gloss wood flooring. Matte finishes have that smooth, natural wood look but show more dirt and scratches. Gloss finishes really make the color and grain pop but can show imperfections. When choosing between the two for your home, think about which aesthetic you prefer and your lifestyle.

If you want an easy-clean floor for high-traffic areas, gloss is the way to go. But if you like the understated warmth of natural wood, matte is your match. Either way you choose, just be sure to keep up with regular cleaning appropriate for that finish. With a little care, your beautiful new hardwood floors will look amazing for years to come. Whichever finish fits your style, you really can't go wrong with the timeless beauty of wood floors.

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