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How To Utilize The Wooden Strips To Deck Up Your Home


Wood is an amazing material that always adds warmth and richness to residential or commercial spaces. You can integrate the material in different forms in your home. But introducing small doses of wood can add a unique appearance to the space.

At We8 International, we help in the complete utilization of wooden strips as we are maintaining a huge range of collections. If you are ready to put up a stylish look for the residential space, you should see the surprising ways of using wooden strips for making interesting designs. 

Wooden Strips: What are these?

How to Utilize the Wooden Strips To Deck Up Your Home

Before delving deeper into the applications of wooden strips, it is important to know what are wood strips. The strips are essential objects of any construction project. Nowadays, interior designers are also using these strips to create unique decorative works. 

The wooden strips are the platforms that are usually rectangular or square in shape. The tone of the strips depends on the types of wood we are using and also the nature of the paint or varnish.  You will learn more about them and love the strips once you check out our collection. 

Variety of Color Tones

Variety of Color Tones - Wooden flooring

One of the first things that will draw your attention to these strips of wood is the variety of color tones. Indeed, we have tried to incorporate as much variety as possible in the colors of the strips. 

  • You can use alternative colors to make patterns on the walls or ceiling or even the floors.
  • You can use the right shades of color tone to match the theme color of the particular rooms. 

The flexibility for the utilization of wooden strips will help you to establish the perfect visual impact of the space. 

Uses of the Wood Strips

There are literally limitless ways of using wooden strips. The type of wood that we are using at our company for making these strips will ultimately affect the quality of the strips. Nevertheless, you can always utilize these strips for some common purpose. 

1. Construction works

As we are manufacturing different lengths of the strips, you can easily utilize them for the walls or other structures. Such strips should be ideally the thicker versions. You can always use our thinner versions of the strips for tracking on the floors. Thus, the strips will serve in many ways during the construction works.

2. Furniture creation

You must be wondering how can wooden strips be a part of furniture making process. But when you take a closer look or discuss the components with the furniture makers, you will learn that the manufacturers believe in the appropriate utilization of wooden strips to make the main elements like chairs, tables, and shelves. 

  • We manufacture strips that you can use in both outdoor and indoor furniture. 
  • You have to select the strip depending on the nature of the furniture as all the pieces won't have a similar pattern of using the strips. 

Thus, you can deck up or impart the most attractive finishing to the furniture by modifying the look using the strips cleverly. 

3. Supporting the structures

Do you have a well-decorated exterior space that meets the open interior space? Then the use of wooden strips can be ideal to demarcate the sections without ruining the seamless joining of the two distinct spaces. 

4. Decorative purposes

We have seen that many homeowners try to bring in small but significant unique factors in the décor of the space. We can suggest using the strips from our company in various patterns to make sure that the interior décor is innovative, meaningful, elegant., and indeed, unique!

Uses of the Wooden Strips - We8International

5. Impart a proportionate look

If you have a rectangular room, try to use these strips longitudinally. You will be surprised to see how it helps to attain a proportionate and spacious look of the interior area. In fact, the length of the room will appear more than what it is, owing to the presence of our wooden strips. 

6. Make the movable walls

You can easily create a space where the wood strips can combine and complement the cement pillars to form a wall-like structure. And if you want to utilize this arrangement further, you have to install the latitudinal strips that you can open and close individually for enclosing the living area or opening it up. 

Basically, you are making a room divider without the gloom or unsightly presence of a barrier. The horizontal use of the strips can bring about a confining effect, making the room appear smaller. But if you bring a single wall under focus with the horizontal strips, it shes the best utilization of wooden strips that embeds a sense of lightness in the room. 

7. Make the screen partitions

It's common nowadays for people to use our wooden strips for making vertical wooden partitions. You can opt for the semi-open or fully closed partitions for which you are going to need vertical wooden strips. 

The process will also help to demarcate the public area from your private space. You can even reduce the spacing between the strips if you want to make a dense partition with more privacy. And you also have the option to retain the visual connectivity with more spacing between the strips.

8. Make the back panels

Have you considered installing wooden strips to make the back panels for your bed or television or any other object? You will notice that the installation will bring about a sense of depth and meaningful texture to the living room, especially if there are white walls. 

9. Use in stair railings

Say no to the traditional handrails of the staircase and welcome home the new styling with vertical wooden strips. The wooden patterns show how the ideal Utilization of wooden strips can lead to perfect interior décor. 

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