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The Environmental Benefits Of Choosing Wooden Strips For Your Home


Hello, environment lovers. Do you want to establish a stylish and environment-friendly journey and bring wooden looks to your floors? Humans are known for creating ways even through the mountains; this same habit brought us humans to bring nature inside our homes. We even buy potted plants to have a nature-like feeling in our home. However, let's have an easy solution to make an environment-friendly, cozy space, and that's possible with natural wood flooring.

You can forget about the old flooring and try the brand-new wooden strip flooring. These wooden strips will help your flooring blend in with the natural beauty of your house. Moreover, it combines a glimpse of nature into your space.

You will see yourself as an eco-warrior if you select an environment-friendly flooring optionHowever, what about the durability and quality of this wooden strip flooring? Worry not; neither will you have to compromise on quality, nor will you contaminate the luxurious looks of your floors.

Through this blog, let's learn about the environmental advantages of installing wooden strips in your fully furnished home. It will also benefit you by adding life to your living spaces. Also, we'll break down all the benefits of how wooden strips can bring awesome benefits to your home. So, get ready to experience the beautiful impact of bringing nature to your home.

Understanding Wooden Strips

Let's jump into the fascinating ocean of engineered wooden flooring. Get double the benefit of durability and sustainability via adopting wooden flooring into the house. We introduce you to the hybrid version of wooden flooring made by adopting modern technology, bringing you versatile-looking yet sturdy flooring. You can build a stylish heaven in your house by slicing the wooden planks into evenly cut sheets. Come with us on the beautiful journey of discovering the natural beauty of wooden strips!

WE8 International company is dedicated to preserving our environment by wasting minimum wood and yet giving the customers a feel of nature even while seated inside their houses. We8 International is committed to delivering quality wooden floorings yet is fully considerate towards Mother Nature. Our wooden strips are made responsibly using the wood from the forest. We are happy to tell our customers that we only use certified wood for making our finished floorings. 

The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Wooden Strips for Your Home

We make specially engineered wooden flooring by choosing wood from cutting old trees that are about to finish their life. In doing so, WE8 International maintains the ethical side of preserving nature and not just cutting trees relentlessly. Say no to deforestation of our important forests; say no to cutting our trees, which give us oxygen to breathe. 

WE8 International promotes biodiversity by planting new forests because we believe that wood is the main source of wooden flooring; to continue the business of wooden flooring, we must cultivate and develop our forests more responsibly. We believe that customers will take pride in joining hands with us in covering their floors with our wooden floors. 

Powering Your Home with Eco-Friendly Elegance

Choosing the perfect flooring is not enough because we should also look at the sustainability factor. WE8 International has put in great effort to reduce the carbon footprint of wooden strips at every step of its manufacturing process.

Energy Efficiency: Saving the Day, One Watt at a Time

We are happy to inform you that the manufacturing process of wooden strip flooring materials requires comparatively less energy than other flooring materials. We are proud that we also work towards the goal of energy consumption. Also, we're happy to be a part of an environment-friendly manufacturing company list. We constantly employ methods to save our environment. 

Carbon Sequestration: Nature's Covert Climate Hero

Wooden strips are an amazing solution for cultivating an energy-saving culture wherever we spread the word about the wooden flooring. The engineered wood we manufacture is environmentally friendly, giving our company a go-green reputation.

Mind-Blowing Fact: Wood Beats Concrete in the Carbon Game

You would be surprised to know that wood flooring leaves less carbon footprint than its concrete alternatives. By choosing wooden flooring, you are saying no to commercialized concrete floorings, and in doing so, you are hugging nature, too. How wonderful does that sound to you?

Recyclability and Waste Reduction

As we all know, wooden strips are made up of eco-friendly material, natural wood. When we care about our wooden flooring in a very considerate way, we can enjoy the natural touch of wood under our feet. The good news is that you won't have to replace them frequently and even minimize waste and frequent wood consumption.

Recyclability: From Floors to More

Guess what the superpower of wooden strip tiles is? Surprise! They're recyclable! You don't have to worry even if your wooden strip flooring got withered and has experienced its fair amount of foot traffic. Moreover, you can just put your creativity to some special use. You don't have to send your wood flooring to the landfills immediately.

Get ready to flaunt your eco-friendly flooring in front of your friends, family, and ever-ready jealous relatives, right? Does that sound like fun to you? Then what are you waiting for? Get up and move! Make this beautiful and stylish addition to your home now! Now, set your foot inside the explorative world of wooden flooring possibilities.

The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Wooden Strips for Your Home

WE8 International: Wasting? Not Our Style!

WE8 International company is very serious about its waste management responsibility. WE8 International is the big bull of the flooring industry, and being the lead producer of wooden floorings, it holds great power, too. 

This tells us that great responsibility comes with great power, and WE8 International takes this power very seriously by strictly adhering to its eco-friendly flooring policy. It even conducts wood recycling programs and ensures that every wooden piece finds a new purpose and gets used creatively.

Wooden Strips: Your Flooring's Encore

Do you think the wooden strip flooring will become useless once it gets old? Your thinking is logical, but it's incorrect. As WE8 International works delicately to re-glorify the same wood by adding a little flash of TLC and your creative imagination, something new can always be created. 

Much wastage can be reduced by re-using wooden floor planks to recreate stylish shelves with unique planters or designer headboards. Give an eco-friendly twist to your place by being creative in wooden craft by yourself. 


We explained all the benefits of installing wooden strips in your home to help you make an informed decision. You can opt for wooden strips and go green to protect our environment, as the environment keeps us all alive. 

Also, you can combat the situation of deforestation as well with the help of wooden strip plank flooring. You can consider wood as a gift given to us by Mother Nature. Moreover, you don't have to worry about leaving a heavy carbon footprint when you use wooden strip flooring for your spaces.

You may have a myth inside your head that wooden strip flooring will not be able to withstand the test and wear and tear of time as time passes by, right? Worry not, as our exclusive wooden planks are well-tested and will prove you wrong, as they can stay stable in varying conditions. Also, you can re-use them for your other creative projects. 

Wooden flooring's natural wood content also does not trouble people sensitive to allergies. Trust our exclusive wooden flooring, and thank us later for providing you with a natural habitat that gives a cozy and environment-friendly feeling.

Do visit our website and see the exclusive wooden flooring. Choose WE8 International's wooden strips to style your home with our sustainable flooring and stay in a long-term relationship with beautiful wood flooring. Contact us for more information at [email protected] / +91 97263 26301.


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