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SPC Flooring Vs. Vinyl Flooring: Choosing The Perfect Flooring Solution


Today, the flooring market is so vigorously expanded that there are numerous types of flooring tiles available. Now, which flooring tile will match your space is the biggest question.

Out of dozens of flooring tiles, vinyl flooring, and SPC flooring are the most favorite ones. But, when it comes to making a choice from the later ones, it is the biggest dilemma. But, don't worry as we have put forth the differences between the two floorings that will surely take off your dilemma. 

So, are you ready?

Understanding SPC Flooring

Nowadays, the word 'SPC flooring' has become so common in the flooring market. But why is it so popular? Well, the answer is very simple. SPC tiles are made by compressing three core elements at high pressure: limestone, polymer, and stabilizers.

SPC Flooring vs. Vinyl Flooring: Choosing the Perfect Flooring Solution

This compression at such a high pressure makes these tiles so strong that they can easily fight against scratches and stains. Moreover, these tiles, being highly water-resistant, become the most preferred flooring choice for moisture-containing areas like bathrooms.

Advantages Of SPC Flooring

  1. Waterproof: Being highly waterproof, SPC flooring always becomes a star for our bathroom flooring. Why? Because they will always save you from slipping accidents as they will always remain dry.
  2. Stability : SPC flooring always remains stable in all temperature changes, no matter what. So, it is the most preferred flooring in temperature-prone areas.
  3. Authentic Look and Feel: SPC flooring always depicts the feel of natural stones through its amazing designs and textures. And who doesn't like to have natural beauty in their flooring?
  4. Easy Maintenance: SPC flooring is very easy to maintain. You just simply need to sweep and mop your floor, and that's it. So you can see just how much your time will be saved.

Exploring Vinyl Flooring

Who doesn't know vinyl flooring? It has been ruling the flooring industry for many decades. It comprises various layers of PVC, design, protection, and wear. It is majorly available in two types: LVP(Vinyl Plank Flooring), which includes wooden strip tiles, and LVT(Luxury Vinyl Tile), which contains ceramic tiles. But, whatever the name, vinyl flooring will always give a luxurious look and feel to your space.

Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

  1. Wide Range of Styles: When it comes to design collections, no one can beat vinyl flooring. It's versatile enough to give a blissful touch to your flooring.
  2. Comfort and Resilience: Vinyl flooring not only gives a luxurious touch but is also a kind of comfort to your feet. And, so, it becomes the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.
  3. Cost-Effective: There are many false notions that vinyl flooring is costly. But, you need to wake up as, despite being highly qualitative, it is much more cost-efficient.
  4. Easy Installation: The installation of vinyl flooring becomes a big sigh of relief for non-technical people. You just need to either peel and stick or click and lock the tiles. Isn't it great?

Comparing SPC Flooring And Vinyl Flooring

Water Resistance: We all know that both the floorings are water-resistant. But the question is, who makes it better? And the answer is SPC flooring. Because, unlike vinyl flooring, SPC flooring is waterproof. So, it almost eliminates all the slipping accidents in moisture-containing areas like bathrooms.

Durability:  When it's the question of durability, without any doubt, SPC flooring will surely win the race. , these undergo high pressure in their making, which makes them more durable compared to vinyl flooring. Moreover, it is highly scratch-resistant. And that's why SPC flooring is highly used in high-traffic areas like schools and offices.

SPC Flooring vs. Vinyl Flooring: Choosing the Perfect Flooring Solution

Stability: In temperature-prone areas, vinyl flooring tiles always fluctuate. Ultimately, it will damage your flooring. SPC flooring will always remain stable even in the hardest storm. So, tell me, which one would you prefer in such a situation? Obviously, SPC flooring.

Installation: There is one thing where both the floorings walk on the same path, and that is the installation. Whether you opt for SPC flooring or vinyl, you will not face a hectic installation process in any of the two because both floorings offer a click-and-lock system that even a non-technical person can install.

Aesthetics: The next point is both the flooring types, whether SPC or vinyl, never compromise in terms of their design collection. Both are prone to give an aesthetic touch to our space. SPC flooring will give a feel of natural stones, while vinyl will give a luxurious feel.

Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, we need to pat both the floorings. Because SPC flooring and vinyl flooring need low maintenance and less cleaning process, you just need to sweep and mop regularly, and your flooring, whether it is SPC or vinyl, will always shine like a star.


So, as you saw, both the floorings, SPC, and vinyl stand out from each other in unique ways. One is highly durable, while the other offers a versatile design collection. But both are easy to install. So, now the ultimate choice is yours. Whether you opt for SPC flooring or vinyl flooring, WE8 International offers both types of flooring through its astounding collection. So, if you've got any further doubts, hurry up and ping us mail on [email protected] or simply ring us at +91 97263 26301.


What is the main difference between SPC and vinyl flooring?

I would say material makes the biggest difference between SPC and vinyl flooring. Which materials are used between these floorings are considered the main? Well, vinyl has a synthetic PVC core, while SPC contains a stone-based core, as its name suggests. I suggest you know more about these materials when choosing the right flooring solution.

Which flooring option is better durable, SPC or vinyl?

Durability is surely a major part that I want you to check before making a flooring decision. However, durability contains many parts when it comes to flooring.

For example, you can consider layer thickness and quality of installation in durability as well. I know you might be feeling confused, but I'll tell you the bottom line. SPC flooring is generally considered more durable than traditional vinyl. How did I figure that out? It's simple: it's due to the stone composite core. 

Are there any major differences in installation between SPC and vinyl flooring?

Yes, they highly differ when you start the installation process. Let me explain about the SPC flooring installation process. It's simple to install as it uses a click-lock system. However, vinyl can be a bit harder since it'll need adhesive solutions to glue down the installation. Now, the bottom line about which flooring to install depends on your requirements!

Which flooring option is better for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or kitchens?

Don't worry; the answer is satisfying to this question. Both SPC and vinyl are water-resistant! However, let me tell you a deeper point. SPC flooring contains a rigid core, which tends to be more impervious to moisture. This advantage is enough to make you feel like SPC flooring is a better option if your requirement is regarding bathrooms and kitchen flooring.


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