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Outdoor Tile Trends Taking Over In 2023


Hey there, are you ready to make a splash with your outdoor space? The hottest new tile trends for 2023 are all about transforming your patio, pool deck, or garden path into an extension of your home’s style and a place you want to spend more time enjoying. Gone are the days of drab concrete slabs and mismatched brickwork in the backyard.

This year, it’s all about vibrant colors, natural stone looks, large-scale patterns, and eco-friendly options that can withstand the elements while also elevating your outdoor oasis. Whether you’re embarking on new construction or just want to revamp a small area, these on-trend outdoor tile ideas are sure to inspire.

Read on to discover the five styles that will be taking over backyards and beyond in the coming months. Your outdoor space is about to get a lot more stylish!

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Wood-Look Tiles Bring Nature Outside

Wood-look tiles are a hot trend for outdoor spaces that want the natural appeal of wood without the maintenance. Made of ceramic or porcelain, these tiles have the rustic look of distressed wood planks but are fade-, scratch-, stain-, and weather-resistant.

Wood-Look Tiles Bring Nature Outside

  • Porcelain wood-look tiles are nearly indestructible and suitable for high-traffic areas like patios and decks. Ceramic options work well for small accent areas. Both provide an eco-friendly alternative to real wood.

  • Mixing wood-look tiles of different widths, lengths, and hues creates an authentic variegated wood floor effect. For a cohesive look, choose tiles from the same collection that coordinate in color and style.

  • Wood-look tiles pair beautifully with natural stone, concrete, or metal outdoor furniture and accents. They also complement homes with wood, stone, or brick exteriors.

  • Installing wood-look tiles is similar to natural stone or ceramic tiles. For exterior installations, use a weather-resistant tile adhesive and grout that can withstand freeze/thaw cycles. Seal the grout to prevent staining.

With styles ranging from rustic barn wood to refined mahogany, wood-look tiles make it easy to get the woodsy vibe you want without the ongoing upkeep. Your outdoor oasis will look like natural hardwood but perform like tile. Now that’s a trend we can get behind!

Geometric Shapes and Patterns Add Visual Interest

Geometric shapes and intricate patterns are huge design trends for 2023, and outdoor tile is no exception.

Outdoor Tile Trends

Hexagons vs Diamonds

Hexagon and diamond tiles make patios and walkways pop. These­ shapes can add to a modern look. If you want texture­, pick tiles in natural stone or ceramic that look handmade­.

Consistent Shapes

Using shapes like­ zigzags, triangles and chevrons again and again can blow your mind. Mix up tile colors and shade­s for a standout pattern. But if your space is small, use a simple­ pattern in soft colors so it doesn't become­ too much.

Big Shapes

Think about large­ diamond, triangular, or hexagonal tiles for wide outdoor space­s. Their big size makes ope­n areas look better. Use­ different grout colors to highlight each tile­'s shape. Keep e­verything else simple­ so the tile stands out.

You can make a unique­ geometric design that shows off your style­. Use different shape­s and colors with tile samples or design software­. Find a design you like. Then, ge­t ready to make your outdoor space look update­d. Your new tile will not only make your yard look gre­at but also increase your home’s value­. It's a smart choice for the future. 

Bold Colors Make a Statement

Bold colors are making a splash in outdoor tile design. Gone are the days of bland beiges and tans. This year, vibrant hues are the name of the game.

Outdoor Tile Trends Taking Over in 2023

Blues and Greens

For an upscale resort vibe, jewel-toned outdoor tiles are the way to go in 2023. Popular colors are navy blue, emerald green, and teal, all of which are perfect for creating a dramatic look on patios and pool decks. These shades pair exceptionally well with tropical foliage. If you want more of a beachy feel for your outdoor space, seafoam green or aqua tiles are worth considering.

Sunset Tones

This year, burnt orange, rust and terracotta hues of warm sunset are on-trend. These hot tiles are very warm and make a cozy place, matching also the wooden accents of natural elements used in the room interior. Use terracotta tiles with stone paver as well as arched trellis for your Tuscan-inspired patio.

Pops of Color

When vibrant colors don't align with your preferences, opt for a design imprinted tile adorned with lively touches. As an illustration, bland cement-textured tiles that have specks of red, yellow, and blue produce appealing visuals that are not overwhelming. Another option is adding a stripe or band of vividly hued tiles to decorate the border of a walkway or balcony. By doing this, you capture the attention of observers while adding a colorful touch without completely restructuring the area.

2023 is ushering in a definitive end to the era of safe outdoor tiling. Patios and decks are becoming increasingly personalized and lively with the introduction of vivid colours and expressive patterns. Stylishly making a statement is all about choosing bold colours, be it just a few accents of sunset orange or an entire sea of blue tiles.


Outdoor spaces are an extension of our homes, so it's no wonder tile trends are making their way outside. In 2023, you can expect to see lots of stone, concrete, and wood-look tiles on patios, balconies and pool decks.These natural and rustic styles create a relaxed, inviting vibe that's perfect for outdoor entertaining and enjoying the nice weather. If you're planning an outdoor renovation next year, consider incorporating some of these on-trend tile options. Your outdoor space will become the hottest new hangout spot - you'll never want to go inside!

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