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In the Brazilian architecture realm, with every corner speaking of design awesomeness, ceramic and porcelain tiles rule them all. They are not just decorative accessories but rather constitute the very essence of a home, bringing together stories of style and utility.

Right there in the middle of the creative mosaic is a solid brick in the tile manufacturing - We8 International. Soaring on the wings of tradition and having eyes on the future of innovation, We8 International signals quality in Brazil's vitrified tile sector.

When the sun sets over the unlimited Brazilian landscapes, giving the homes a detailed craftsmanship approach, one name strikes all minds- We8 International, the top-notch tile manufacturing company of Brazil.

The Brazilian Home Design Scene

Brazilian houses are equally with vivid design trends that express warmth and personality. From the streets of bustling São Paulo to the beaches of serene Rio de Janeiro, every spot of Brazil displays a particular pattern of culture and creativity. The world of interior design is one field where tiles are king, being found on floors, walls, and even outdoors.

The Brazilian Home Design Scene

We8 International penetrates the vivacious context in Brazil by presenting a variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles that are fit for the country’s growing eclectic tastes. Offering sizes, designs, and finishes that are designed to cater to different tastes, We8 International naturally fits into Brazilian home fashion, delivering a touch of style with a lot of durability.

This goes from minimalist modern interiors to Brazilian traditional style and the tiles become the perfect setting for homeowners to show their individuality. 

We8 International's Product Range

To underline that it is the undisputed ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturing leader in Brazil, We8 International offers the widest range of models, committed to meeting all possible requirements.

We8 Internationals Tile Product Range

Versatility: With its sleek modern options and timeless classics, We8 International is the place to go if you are looking for an eclectic selection of styles for as much individual taste as there is out there.

Sizes: You’ll find a wide range starting from modern 300 x 600 mm and moving right up to the expansive 800 x 1600 mm for every spot.

Designs: Expand to all designs ranging from embroideries to cellular to bold colors, accommodating different likes and dislikes.

Finishes: Your choice between clear gloss and matte finish can be perfectly matched with the high-grade quality and professionalism that We8 International ensures in every convenience tile.

Design Trends and Innovation

The vibrant design culture of Brazil is an undeniable indicator of artistic expressiveness, and We8 International represents this principle in the best possible way. From minimalist all-in whites to crazy in-your-face patterns, We8 International fashion embodies the soul of the Brazilian culture. Every tile in their range boasts a detail of innovation, uniting the methods of traditional manufacture with high-tech equipment.

Best Tile Designs For Brazilian Home

We8 International’s cutting-edge design and functionality trends, creating products that give customers complete satisfaction is at the heart of their operations. It can either be the timeless splendor of porcelain tile or even the versatility décor item of ceramic tile, We8 International guarantees that every design choice is an inspired choice.

We8 International's Manufacturing Facility

We8 International's manufacturing facility based in Brazil constitutes the central pillar of its success. Their facility is their main production site and it gives evidence not only of the continuous advancement that it has achieved but also of the exceptional quality level it achieves.

Cuddled with modern machines and under the hands of skilled craftsmen, the shop promises to deliver excellence both from the designing stage and the production stage. Pursuing the path of fine tailoring is indeed more than the consecutive progression of raw materials, preparation, and finishing touches. Efficiency not only has to be conducted in an organized way, but the quality of the items produced must also be noticeable, which leads to meticulousness at every stage.

The assembly or production is not just a place, where materials are made into the final product, but the factory is the main source of ideas and inventions. 


We8 International represents the peak of Brazilian ceramic and porcelain tile manufacture, exemplifying quality, innovation, and elegance. They meet a wide range of architectural demands because to their different sizes, styles, and finishes. 

Their devotion to sustainability and cutting-edge technology distinguishes them in the business. As readers end their trip via this blog article, they are encouraged to explore We8 International's services, where quality meets innovation. 

From Brazilian homes to worldwide projects, We8 International tiles are the preferred option for people who want nothing less than the finest.


1 Do your tiles serve both indoors or outdoors?

Absolutely! Indoors and outdoor tile has been the unique prerogative of We8 International, renowned for tiles that meet or even exceed governing standards.

2 What type of measures does We8 International take to maintain high standard of its tiles?

Quality is the number one priority for We8 International brand at every level of production from designs to products themselves. While being very particular about the sourcing of raw materials and execution of state-of-the-art production techniques our tiles go through strict tests to meet the tightest norms.

3 Can I get the tiles from We8 International in various colors and finishes?

Absolutely! Colors and finishes constitute many options that one could choose from to blend into different design styles. Tile option of any style and design if sleek and modern or rustic and textured. 

4 Does We8 International offer its tiles for ship delivery overseas?

Yes, indeed! We8 International's corporate network which is based upon the principles of decentralization spreads our products all over the world. 

5 How does We8 International contribute to sustainability?

We8 International is devoted to sustainability and environmentally sensitive activities. We seek to lower our environmental footprint by eliminating waste in our production processes and emphasizing renewable energy sources while providing our clients with high-quality tiles.

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