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Best SPC Flooring Tiles Exporter In USA


You might take We8 International as the leading local tile manufacturing brand. But, my friend, you will be shocked to hear that We8's successful work is not limited to India only.

It has actually passed its innovative and qualitative tile products everywhere across the globe, including the USA. Yes, that is true. We8 has been spreading a smile on its clients' faces through its beautiful tile products. SPC flooring tiles is one such product of We8 that is leading the tile company even in the USA.

We all know that SPC flooring tiles are known for their high durability and water resistance. Due to this quality, demand is increasing top-notch for flooring in bathroom and kitchen areas. 

Moreover, We8 International does not only manufacture tiles, but it actually takes care of all of its client's needs. And that's why We8 is shipping its tiles for free in the USA and also at much more affordable prices. But how is We8 making it possible? Well, don't worry. You will get your answer through this blog.

Why Choose SPC Flooring Tiles?

How SPC flooring tiles stand out from other tiles is a great question to wonder about. Therefore, I have enlisted here some points that will surely tell you how SPC tiles can create beautiful wonders for your flooring.

First, let me tell you why it is called SPC. The word SPC is cut short from 'Stone Polymer Composite.' The SPC tiles are derived from a mixture of stone and polymer, and so it is named accordingly. These flooring tiles are highly durable and water-resistant. And that's why they are very much preferred for moisture-containing areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Best SPC Flooring Tiles Exporter in USA

Moreover, being highly durable, these SPC tiles never let go of their shineness for ages. So, you can consider it to be your one-time flooring investment for your space. And, while buying the flooring tiles, what we mostly look for is if they are easy to clean. And this is the point where SPC beats other flooring tiles in one go. They are very easy to clean. You can simply sweep and mop your floor, and that's it. 

Most importantly, the SDPC tiles are eco-friendly. So, for all those people who are a little bit conscious regarding the environment, these flooring tiles can be the best eco-friendly choice. Thus, you can see how SPC is mesmerizing its users in numerous beautiful ways. Now, you might have got your answer on how SPC flooring tiles stand out from other usual tiles.

Our Range Of Stylish And Durable SPC Flooring Tiles

Will you ever like to compromise with your flooring design? The answer will be an absolute no. Nobody likes to have adjustments in style or durability for their flooring. Therefore, We8 has come up with a beautiful range of SPC tiles that would style your flooring in an amazing way:

Wood styles: We8's wooden styles will always flourish your flooring with lavishment and comfort. Our wooden styles accompany different types of wood, like maple, oak, and hickory, ranging from 4 to 8 inches widths. So, if you desire to have lavish flooring for your space, you can opt for our wood styles.

Stone styles: The stone styles always remain evergreen. And that's why We8 offers an ample amount of stone styles like travertine, polished marble, and granite to make your flooring evergreen. Moreover, our stone styles have a versatile design and color collection to give your flooring a unique look.

Tile sizes: Finally, our SPC tiles come in tiles of a large size of 1220x181 mm. Don't worry about large tile sizes, as such large sizes give your room a spacious look.

So, you can see how We8 International helps you make your space look stylish and durable through its range of SPC tiles.

SPC Flooring Installation: What You Need To Know

Installation of SPC tiles is no less than the task of making a hole in the dark. But it's not at all impossible. With proper guidance, you can install our SPC tiles like a pro.

Essential Supplies

For installing SPC tiles, you will need some essential tools. So, let me tell you what you will need:

  • SPC flooring tiles: Whenever you are installing tiles, you need to make sure you have 10-15% more area of tiles. This is because, when you cut the tiles, their small portion will get removed.
  • Tile cutter or utility knife: When you need to cut the edges or corners of SPC tiles, you will definitely need it.
  • Tapping block: You will need this device to lock the tiles at their particular location.
  • Spacers: This device will help your tiles to have even space distribution among them.
  • Transition moldings (for doorways): This supply becomes utterly useful when you have to join different types of flooring with SPC.

Best SPC Flooring Tiles Exporter in USA

Helpful Tools

Besides the above-mentioned essentials, you will find some extraneous tools that will save you from difficult situations:

  • Knee pads: While installing the SPC tiles, you will need to bend down continuously. This will be a bit problematic for your knees. So, their knee pads can help you to protect your knees while installing the flooring.
  • Safety goggles: This will prevent your eyes from catching any kind of dust particles.
  • Dust mask: While cutting tiles, many dust particles will arise in the air, so a dust mask will prevent you from inhaling dust.
  • Trowel: This device will help you to apply adhesive to the subfloors made up of concrete.
  • Pull bar: It is a very helpful tool for uplifting the tiles during placement or removal.
  • Rubber mallet: It places the tiles with subtle care at their definite location.


By having the SPC tiles and essential tools, will you be able to install them immediately? Not at all. Obviously, you will have to make some preparations.

What kind of preparation? It's very simple. First, you need to check if your flooring surface is completely neat and clean. Also, don't forget to remove all the existing tiles from the surface because then only you will be able to install the new one. Isn't it? Finally, you have to level your flooring surface to have the perfect installation of SPC tiles because SPC tiles are very much conscious of their surface level.

So, that's it. By gathering all the essential tools and doing the preparation, you will be able to successfully install your SPC tiles.

Shipping SPC Flooring Tiles Worldwide From The US 

We8 International has been in the tile industry for 20 long years. And, for a very long time, We8 has not only been dealing with Indian clients, but it has made its SPC flooring tiles worldwide popular. 

We8 is delivering its tile shipment both by sea and air for the convenience of its clients. If our clients need the most affordable way of shipping, we would do it by sea. Otherwise, for fast delivery, we opt for air shipment.

So, whether you are sitting in India or the US, We8 will be available to you anywhere across the globe with its mesmerizing SPC flooring tiles. Also, our service is not just limited to delivering qualitative SPC tiles; instead, we also guide our clients for their successful installation.


I know many questions related to SPC flooring tiles might be tackling your mind. Thus, I have enlisted a few common questions.

1. How are SPC tiles prepared?

SPC is a short family name for 'Stone Polymer Composite.' You can say that SPC tiles are the result of combining limestone and polymer in high pressure. Due to this, SPC tiles are highly durable.

2. How does SPC flooring stand out from other flooring types?

Two things make the SPC flooring unique from other floorings, and they are High durability and water resistance. Also, SPC flooring is highly preferable for bathrooms and kitchen areas. Moreover, SPC flooring is much more affordable and easy to clean than the other flooring types.

3. How to install SPC flooring by myself?

If we talk about the process of installing SPC tiles, it's a breeze. Open your notepad, and write these essential tiles installation tools: mallet, spacer, and utility knife. Still, if you want to further understand SPC flooring, reach our expert team to understand the process to its best. 

4. How much durability and water resistance do the SPC tiles provide?

SPC tiles contain limestone and polymer. They provide strong durability and water resistance as well. By getting high durability, the SPC flooring you’ll install will remain intact for years. Also, as there is strong resistance, SPC can be a good fit for bathroom flooring.

5. What styles and colors do the SPC tiles offer?

SPC tiles have a versatile style and design collection. It has various wooden and stone styles like hickory, oak, marble, and travertine. All the styles are available in light and dark shades. SPC floor tiles are also available in large sizes of 1220x181 mm.

Now, I hope that the majority of these questions have resolved all your doubts related to SPC flooring tiles.


So, now you know how We8 International is ruling the global tile market by shipping its high-quality SPC flooring tiles worldwide. Now, even if you are in the USA or in any part of the world and want some mesmerizing SPC tiles, then We8 International is your solution.  


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