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No.1 Global Tile Exporter In India



We8 International emerges as a towering behemoth in the busy Indian tile and flooring market, holding the position of No. 1 Global Tile Exporter in India in 2023. This is a tribute to their constant dedication to exporting greatness, not just a claim.

We8 International, a brand that is associated with premium flooring options, has emerged as a global compass for architects, designers, and homeowners. Their expertise is exemplified through a number of successful export projects that dealt with delivering the finest of GVT/PGVT/ Porcelain tiling solutions. The surfaces are painstakingly created to enthrall; each of the tiles is a stunning canvas of creativity and toughness, not just tiles.

However, We8 has ventured into the world of hardwood strips and SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring tiles, expanding its export horizons beyond tiles. These are not merely exports; rather, they are challenges to turn ordinary settings into resilient pieces of art. It is the meeting point of technological moisture-resisting warmth.

Explore the export qualities, standards, and unrivaled expertise that have made We8 International the undisputed leader in the export of Indian tiles in this blog article. Discover the causes of their domination in the world and be ready to be impressed by their quality-driven trip through six continents.

We8 International's Tile Export Range

We8 International's exporting range includes a plethora of tiling solutions which they successfully deliver in every corner of the world. They've carved themselves an unassailable reputation as a top-tier flooring option that redefines sophistication and durability.

No.1 Global Tile Exporter in India

GVT/PGVT Tiles: These embody the pinnacle of We8's export offerings. Sizes for GVT/PGVT range from 300 x 600 mm to an impressive 800 x 1600 mm. The range is far beyond ordinary floor coverings and is much like a canvas for artistic expression, offered in a beguiling selection of glossy and matte surfaces. We8's GVT and PGVT tiles have your wishes addressed irrespective you're aiming for a traditional style or a contemporary dash.

Porcelain Tiles: We8 International also broadens its expertise to include porcelain tiles. The collection of top-quality porcelain tiles is the ideal illustration of how functionality and beauty coexist. Their sizes range from 300 x 600 mm to an enormous 800 1600 mm. The options amongst glossy and matte finishes add to their already extraordinary range of versatility.

Wooden Strips: The We8 Wooden Strips collection will appeal to anybody looking for warmth and unadulterated beauty in their surroundings. These strips may be used as a canvas because of their 200 x 1200 mm size. Whether you select a matte, straightforward, or punch finish, you can choose the appropriate style to match your notion and It is like bringing the outside within.

SPC Flooring Tiles: Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Flooring Tiles offered by We8 are an example of the concept “when robustness and waterproofing intersect”. The collection of tiles, all of which measure 1220 x 181 mm and are designed to survive water and time, are appropriate for any setting. For individuals who seek the finest regulations, it is the best flooring option available.


We8 International's export collection shines like a light of quality in a world where flooring is more than simply a practical requirement, delivering tiles that turn rooms into pieces of art. The tile solution you've been dreaming about is available from We8 International, whether you're a contractor, architectural designer, or homeowner.

Why We8 International is India's Most Trusted Tile Exporter

In the ever-evolving realm of tiles and flooring, We8 International stands as the veritable titan, the vanguard, the Numero Uno! But what makes them the unrivaled champion of tile exports in India? Ah, there's a mosaic of reasons!

Unparalleled Popularity: Across six continents, We8 International's name dances on the lips of architects, builders, and homeowners alike. The sheer global resonance of their brand is a testament to their unassailable trustworthiness.

Unmatched Quality: We8 International leaves its unmistakable signature on each tile it produces. The range combines classic beauty with cutting-edge innovation to create true artwork. Competitors are left speechless by the technical marvel which is their long-lasting nature.

No.1 Global Tile Exporter in India

A Diverse Offering: With just one type of tile, We8 doesn't take its success for granted. From the beautiful GVT to the polished luxury of PGVT, and evergreen porcelain tiles they provide a diverse array of choices. Of course, the appeal of wooden strips and the practicality of SPC flooring cannot be overlooked, a harmonious blend of pleasant natural elements.

Commitment to Standards: We8 International redefines industry norms rather than merely adhering to them. Each tile that departs from their manufacturing facility is a work of art because of their relentless devotion to excellence.

Export Prowess: We8 International is a well-versed master when it comes to exporting tiles. Irrespective of what corner of the world needs to be served, the brand has mastered the art of logistical finesse to make sure your desired surface arrives absolutely undamaged and in fine condition.


Your One-Stop Shop for Tiling Solutions Is We8 International!

We8 International stands out as the indisputable champion of excellence and revolution in a market brimming with tile exporters, elevating the benchmark for the whole sector. They have a reputation for quality, making them India's top exporter.

Their GVT/ PGVT surfaces are more than simply tiling options; they have artistry ingrained in every inch. They are intricately planned and masterfully produced. Every piece exudes unmatched toughness and elegant designs that appeal to customers on six different continents.

We8 International, however, offers more than just tiles. They bring you to a world of warm, inviting hardwood strips that invite you to design settings that have vitality. They revolutionize flooring standards with their SPC Flooring Tiles, a monument to tenacity and water resistance.

You make elegance and dependability your priorities when you choose We8 International. They have committed themselves to providing just the best flooring options. Your hunt for the ideal tile exporter comes to an end right here, where quality is the only standard, and perfection meets innovation.

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