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600x1200 GVT Tile Manufacturer In India


WE8 International is always focused on introducing innovative solutions to make their customer's life easy. The GVT tile of 600x1200 is one such remarkable innovation. These tiles are no doubt bringing a big revolution in the tile industry through their astounding design and other stylish features. 

WE8's 600x1200 GVT tiles are highly durable and offer an enlarged versatility in terms of design and colors. Moreover, its amazing elegance will give an aesthetic touch to your interior space.

And its astounding benefits have no boundaries. Today, let's learn about what amazing benefits WE8 International's 600x1200 GVT tiles offer and how our GVT tiles are helping us stay unique from other tile manufacturers.

Understanding GVT Tiles

I am sure the word 'GVT Tiles' would be mumbling hard on your minds when choosing a flooring. But don't worry, it's not that hard to understand. GVT tiles are nothing but a short family name of Glazed Vitrified Tiles. These tiles are heated substantially at a high temperature to give them a glazed, vitrified look.

Our GVT tiles, after getting heated at a high temperature, become worthy of withstanding high pressure. Therefore, the tiles ensure high durability. Moreover, being highly resistant to abrasion, our GVT tiles become a perfect fit for your living area, kitchens, and bedrooms.

600x1200 GVT Tile Manufacturer in India

The word vitrified might make you think that it would be a sturdy task to clean such tiles. But, believe me, that's not the case. These vitrified tiles are very easy to clean as glaze material does not get attached to the dirt and dust much easily. Also, its mesmerizing design collection will not let your eyes off it. Every design and color will add an astounding touch to your interior space.

How Do GVT Tiles Differ From Other Tiles?

Now, the main question is: What makes our GVT tiles stand out from regular tiles? Well, it has a very simple answer. It's the manufacturing process that makes our GVT tiles unique from other tiles. When we talk about the usual ceramic tiles, they are neither heated at very high temperatures nor are they glazed. And high-temperature heating and glazing are what make the GVT tiles strong and highly durable. 

Moreover, its versatile design collection holds great strength in giving an aesthetic appeal to your space. And, if you are in search of tiles that would give an aesthetic and durable look to your interior space, then without any doubts, you should opt for GVT tiles.

WE8 International’s 600x1200 GVT Tiles

Now that you know about GVT tiles, it's time for you to know how WE8 International's GVT tiles stand out from other tiles. First, WE8 International offers GVT tiles in a considerably large size of 600x1200 mm compared to regular tiles. Now, why such a large size? Well, with small-sized tiles, you need to face difficulty in the installation process. So, large-sized tiles eliminate this problem.

The next question might tackle your mind: What are the benefits of using the 600x1200 GVT tiles? Well, there is not only one benefit. WE8's GVT tiles offer innumerable benefits like high durability, abrasion resistance, and easy cleaning. Wow, such an ample amount of benefits in just one type of tile? Isn't that amazing?

600x1200 GVT Tile Manufacturer in India

Also, you can imagine how much tiles can help you out in designing your commercial space floors, and kitchen countertops. Moreover, our GVT tiles will also heighten your space design through its aesthetic look.

So, if you are in search of tiles that would fascinate your interior space, then trust me, there can be no better choice than WE8 International's GVT tiles.

Why Choose WE8 International? 

Your mind might be tackling a question: Why am I emphasizing you for choosing GVT tiles of WE8 International? I have a simple answer to your question, and that is 'Expertise And Trust.' Yes, that's true.

WE8 International has been serving the tile industry for 20 years. And, believe me, bringing excellence for a continuous 20 years is not an easy task. So, WE8 International is giving you a trustworthy reason for relying your tile choice on them. 

Beating this long and substantial expertise of WE8 is not easy. By providing rich quality and affordable flooring solutions, WE8 International has remained consistent in leading the tile manufacturing industry for this long period.

When we talk about the 600x1200 GVT tiles of WE8, they are not less than magical tiles. Why? Whether it's about withstanding high pressure or providing an aesthetic look to your interior space, WE8's GVT tiles are all you need to make your space an aesthetic wonderland. Also, how can you forget about its amazing hotlist of innumerable designs and colors?

So, you can see how WE8 International can be your biggest resource in wooing your space design through its astounding GVT tiles.


When it comes to choosing tiles, I would always recommend you opt for WE8 International. We own an infinite list of mind-boggling tile products that will impress you. The 600x1200 GVT tiles are one of them.

The WE8's GVT tiles have the full right to lead the list of best tile products due to their high durability and versatile design collection. Also, when we are talking about WE8, we cannot deny that there is not just one product through which WE8 is able to gain such beautiful popularity in the tile industry. There are other products like SPC flooring, PGVT tiles, and wooden strip tiles that I am sure will not fail in mesmerizing you.

So, why waste time googling for the best GVT tile manufacturers when you have WE8 International, the master of tile creation, available in front of you?

Not only one product, but you can have beautiful and extraordinary tile flooring solutions for lavishing your interior design. So, all you need to do is just inquire with us through a beautiful email or a friendly phone call. That's it. Ping us an mail at [email protected] or call us at +91 97263 26301. Hurry up, as WE8 International's beautiful and extraordinary tiles are waiting for you.

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