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5 Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Tile


You're finally equipped to start that kitchen or lavatory redecorating you've dreamed about. Tiling the ones surfaces yourself will save some serious cash, but most effective in case you do it right. Buying tile would possibly appear pretty truthful, however, there are critical matters to hold in mind so your assignment would not emerge as a total mess.

From figuring out how much you want to pick out the proper materials, it will pay to analyze the tile-shopping for fundamentals earlier than you head to the shop. With some insider guidelines to your again pocket, you may choose tile optimistically and set yourself up for tiling achievement. Let's stroll through the five maximum vital concerns when tackling this buy.

  1. Determine Your Tile Needs

  2. Choose the Right Tile Material

  3. Pick the Right Tile Size and Shape

  4. Calculate How Much Tile You Need

  5. Select the Right Tile Texture and Color

#1 Determine Your Tile Needs

When shopping for tile, the first aspect to consider is how and where you plan to use it. The Material, length, and sample you pick will depend on the characteristics and style you want in every area.

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For floors, sturdiness and slip resistance are key. Ceramic or porcelain tile can take care of high-site visitors, and moist regions like toilets, kitchens, and entryways. Larger tiles, like 12 x 24 inches, make rooms appear greater open. For dwelling rooms or bedrooms, you may opt for natural stone or wood look tiles for a warmer sense underfoot.


On walls, focus on the cultured you need to reap. Vibrant shades or complex patterns can rework a space. Subway tile or mosaic tile creates a classic search for kitchens and toilets. Larger tiles, hooked up in a brick pattern, provide a rustic vibe. For showers, use tiles specially rated for high-moisture areas.


For counter tops, pick out a tile with the intention to stand up to every day use and viable impacts. Porcelain tile and natural stone, like granite, are notable alternatives. Their dense, non-porous materials face up to stains, scratches, and chips. Consider tiles with a textured or matte finish to hide fingerprints and water spots. Ease of preservation is also important for countertops—choose tiles which can be low-renovation and clean to wipe easy.

Once you decide on the feature, style, and material that fits your wishes for each area, you may pick out a length, color, and pattern you love. Keeping your quit dreams and the way you intend to apply the tile in mind from the beginning will make certain you choose alternatives applicable to your private home and lifestyle. The result may be a tile that no longer best appears extremely good but also plays beautifully for years to come.

#2 Choose the Right Tile Material

Ceramic and porcelain are two of the most popular and versatile tile alternatives. Ceramic tile is crafted from clay and tends to be greater porous, even as porcelain tile is denser and much less porous. For high-visitors, and moist areas like lavatories, porcelain is an extremely good desire given that it's nearly impervious to moisture and stains. For backsplashes or accent partitions, ceramic tile works super and commonly costs much less.

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Natural Stone

If you need a rustic, one-of-a-kind look, natural stone tiles like travertine, slate, and limestone are stunning alternatives. However, natural stone calls for more preservation for the reason that tiles are porous. Sealing the tiles periodically allows save you stains, however, keep in mind natural stone tiles may additionally stain or scratch more easily. Natural stone tiles also tend to be greater pricey, specifically for notable, regular pieces.


Glass tile provides a pop of coloration, shine, and visual texture to partitions and backsplashes. Glass tiles are available in a whole lot of patterns, sizes, and finishes frosted, iridescent, and metal. While eye-catching, glass tile has some downsides like being hard to reduce and deploy. It’s also no longer suitable for floors because it is slippery and cracks without difficulty. Use glass tile in small areas, frequently as an accessory.

Choosing the proper tile material depends on where you need to use it, your finances, and the appearance you want to attain. Do some research on the pros and cons of various tile sorts so you can locate an alternative that suits your needs and fashion perfectly. The result can be a tile installation you'll revel in for years yet to come!

#3 Pick the Right Tile Size and Shape

Tile shapes and sizes are crucial design selections for your undertaking. The length and shape you choose can have a sizable impact on the very last appearance and feel of the gap.

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Square tiles

Square tiles are the maximum common and flexible form, operating nicely in maximum rooms and spaces. They range from small mosaics around 1 inch square to as much as 24 inches or greater. For floors, 8-inch to 12-inch squares are popular and easy to install. Larger squares, 16 inches and up, create an extra open, current appearance.

Rectangular tiles

Rectangular tiles, like 4-inch through 8-inch subway tiles, have an elongated form that may make an area seem greater open. They worked well for backsplashes, showers, and floors. For modern-day styling, bear in mind large square tiles, 12 inches by way of 24 inches or greater.

Hexagonal tiles

Hexagonal tiles have six sides and create a honeycomb sample. They are captivating and unique, ideal for an announcement floor, backsplash or shower. Hex tiles typically vary from 3 to 6 inches in keeping with tile. They require greater planning to install however can create a lovely geometric design.

Round tiles

For a touch of caprice, consider circular tiles. Ranging from tiny 1-inch mosaics as much as 12 inches in diameter, spherical tiles are an unexpected desire for floors, walls, showers, and swimming pools. They are more difficult to put in, however, and regularly require reducing rectangular tiles to in shape around the edges. Use them sparingly for the most impact.

The size and shape of your tile dramatically affect the general appearance and style of your area. Choose accurately based on the room size and your desired layout aesthetic. Mixing and matching shapes can also create visual interest, but preserve the shade palette regularly for quality results. With a few making plans, you’ll locate the proper tiles on your challenge.

#4 Calculate How Much Tile You Need

To decide how a great deal tile you need on your venture, you should perform a little measuring and math. The ultimate component you want is to purchase too little tile and ought to go again to the shop, or buy too much and be caught with excess.

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Measure the Area

Use a tape degree to decide the rectangular photos of the place you need to tile. Measure the duration and width in ft, then multiply period x width to get the full square toes. For irregularly shaped areas, you can need to break them down into smaller squares and rectangles to get an accurate dimension. Write down the measurements for each segment.

Consider the Tile Size

The size of your tile may even affect how much you need. Large layout tiles, like 12x24 inches, will cover extra surface place so that you don’t want as many tiles. Smaller tiles, which include 4x4 inches, require greater tiles to fill the same space. Buy at least 1-2 extra packing containers of small tiles in case one container isn’t enough to complete the task.

When it comes to determining the amount of tile needed for a project, accuracy is key. That's why we recommend utilizing the free tile calculator provided by WE8 International. This tool ensures precise measurements by factoring in the dimensions of your space and the size of the tiles you plan to use.

By inputting these details, the calculator swiftly generates the number of tile boxes required, saving you time and effort in estimating. Whether you're renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or any other area, having the right amount of tile on hand is essential for a seamless and efficient installation process. Trusting in WE8 International's tile calculator guarantees a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on bringing your design vision to life.

#5 Select the Right Tile Texture and Color

Surface Texture

The texture of tile refers to how easy or rough its surface is. Choose a texture based totally on wherein you are putting in the tile and what kind of traction you want. For floors, a textured tile with extra grip is excellent for excessive visitors, and wet areas like lavatories. In low-visitors, dry regions like living rooms, an easy tile is excellent. For partitions, either texture works and springs down to your aesthetic preference.

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How bright or matte the tile has impacted both appearance and characteristics. Glossy tiles have an easy, reflective floor that brightens a space. However, their slippery finish can be higher for floors. Matte tiles have an undisturbed, natural surface and not use a sheen. They provide extra traction and cover imperfections properly however can make a room appear dim. For most programs, a satin end inside the center gives the benefits of both.


Tile color has an enormous impact on the general appearance and feel of your area. Light-colored tiles make a room feel extra open and airy whilst darkish-coloured tiles create a cozy, intimate space. Warm tones like reds, browns, and yellows generate consolation at the same time as cool blues and vegetables have a chilled effect. For excessive traffic or small spaces, pick out mid-tone, impartial colors that won’t display dust or make the room experience cramped. Accent walls in brighter shades are an amazing way to feature shade without overpowering the room.

In the give up, choose what you love. Tile is an everlasting fixture in your own home, so select options with a texture, gloss, and shade you could enjoy for years to come. Think about your desires, lifestyle, and budget to make the first-rate preference for your venture. With such a lot of alternatives, you can reap any appearance from rustic to sophisticated. Take some time, view samples in the real area, and also you’ll discover a tile that’s simply right.

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So there you have it, the 5 essential things to do not forget when buying tile. Choosing the right tile can be complex, but retaining these hints in mind will ensure you select a tile that appears exceptional and lasts. Don't neglect to reflect on consideration on where the tile will cross and what sort of site visitors it's going to get. Calculate how much you need and do not skimp on extras. Look into grout shade and texture too for the whole appearance.

With the right prep and installation, your new tile may be beautiful. Just take a while, do your studies, and do not rush into any purchases. Follow this advice and you may turn out to be with a tile installation you'll love.

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