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Best Tiles Manufacturer And Supplier In Germany



We8 International is the number 1 brand in the segment of production and supplying of tiles, with its superiority is truly ascending. From an origin in India, their fame goes before them; the outcomes are elite class, original designs, and above everything else, they have impressed consumers on a worldwide scale. Now, these individuals hope to conquer Germany - a country which is famed for its design flair and successful detail work.

The German tiles maker and the supplier showdown has led to WE8 International standing firmly as a worthy adversary, armoured with a vast array of goods and an undying dedication to perfection. WE8 International has a production plant with the advanced technologies that are mass-manufactured around the globe and is ready to become a leader in the German market.

Let’s take you on a tour where we aren’t just discussing but instead understanding the craft and an international labels experience in detail.

The Production Marvel

Manufacture expertise of WE8 International is nothing else than the advanced watershed of the tile industry. They custom make each tile in a perfect finishing using state-of-the-art facilities with up-to-date machinery. From sourcing, raw materials to end product at each step, measures of quality and innovation are imparted.

Best Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier

Their efforts to advance on technology guarantee the development of tiles hard to wear and splendour. WE8 International does so by infusing the ancient art of tile making with the latest advancements in tile making thus delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship. Whether it's the close wooden strips detailing or the finished SPC Flooring Tiles smoothness, every product has a unique touch that clearly illustrates the company's commitment to its customers.

When it comes to the competitive sphere of tiles production, WE8 International proves beyond doubt to be a true miracle, presenting itself as the uncontested leader for the devotion to quality and reliability.

Product Showcase

WE8 International celebrates its diverse range of tiles that serve to satisfy every taste and function.

Wooden Stripes, SPC Flooring, Porcelain Tiles

Wooden Strips: These tiles will replicate the wood timeless appeal but will be more durable and manageable than ceramic.

GVT and PGVT: Ornamental interiors are enhanced with their complex designs and perfect workmanship, decorations that add a touch of refinement and luxury to any setting, no matter if it is modern or classic.

Porcelain Tiles: WE8 porcelain tiling solutions are superior representation of the combination of the endurance for which they are known and the versatility that is offered with elegance.

SPC Flooring Tiles: Created for spaces subject to heavy traffic and harsh conditions, these tiles boast unmatched durability and style, which makes them a favorite of designers and homeowners alike.

For each product category we have an unending variety of sizes, designs and stripes catering for every taste or preference. At WE8 value and innovation work hand in hand, commanding them the indisputable number one wholesale supplier of best tiling solutions in the German market.

German Designs Trends

In terms of tiling designs, there is a dominance of German influence, setting global trends. From modern lines to striking geometric shapes, German design philosophy is not only versatile but also high-end. This is a combination of utility and beauty that lasts for ages and ages.

German Tiles Design Trends

The German preference for accuracy and innovation is reflected in their tiles, which tend to have clean lines and muted color schemes. They venture beyond the norm and bring in something special.

WE8 International deeply monitors such trends and therefore incorporate them into their product offerings in a combined manner. Not only do they replicate the rustic woody beauty of nature but also capture the essence of trendy urbanity. It is the very core of German design philosophy.

Through the relevant monitoring of these evolving tendencies, WE8 has become the topmost representative of the superiority in the tile production and supply in Germany and even in the whole world.

Why Should You Choose WE8 in Germany?

As regarding the best tiles manufacturer and supplier in Germany, WE8 International is placed far above in this respect. Tying up all the nuts and bolts with the excellence assurance and reliability that WE8 is renowned for, they guarantee that every tile has unbeatable craftsmanship and durability. Wooden strips, GVT, PGVT, porcelain tiles and SPC floor tiles are also part of this amazingly diverse product line with innumerable possibilities for customer preferences and design concepts.

Best Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier

Furthermore, our innovative tiles bring German design trends directly into production that is above all else the dream of conscious customers. You can find sleek, modern designs as well as timeless classics here that will give anyone an option to transform their space.

In addition to their wonderful gamut of tiling solutions mentioned above, WE8 also aims on accessibility and customer service, eliminating the possibility of any complications occurring from the point of choice to the point of laying them all down on desired spaces. When the elite is after the number one spot, WE8 International is the glaring benchmark for tiles in Germany, influencing the performance in the sector.


So now when the curtain falls on this exploration of Germany's tiles landscape, it's crystal clear: WE8 International tiptoes towards the top notch in the trade of tile manufacturing and supply. Whether the fascination is in the minimalist beauty of the Wooden Strips or the practical design of the Porcelain Tiles, WE8's wide array of products displays the undying pursuit of quality and innovation by the brand.

For those seeking the pinnacle of German designer trends, WE8 is the undisputed destination. Its seamless integration of German aesthetics ensures which each tile speaks the language of sophistication and style.

So, why settle for anything less when you can have the finest? With WE8 International, customers in Germany can rest assured of not just quality products, but also unparalleled customer service and reliability.

Take the leap and adorn your spaces with the finest tiles from the best manufacturer and supplier in Germany – WE8 International.

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