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We8 International, a leader in waterproof SPC flooring, is a prominent figure at the center of tile innovation in India. We8 International has skillfully created a fabric of dependability and refinement that spans from the busy streets to the quiet nooks of residential buildings. Their production dedication goes beyond simple tiles; it's a symphony of skill and state-of-the-art technology.

We8 International is a prominent player in the SPC flooring industry, setting the standard for outstanding quality and technological elegance via positive client feedback. Choosing We8 International for your travel is an investment in style and dependability rather than merely a purchase. As the unchallenged leader in the field, We8 International invites you to discover a world where the guarantee of quality permeates every step.

Experience the revolutionary touch that only We8 International can provide by immersing yourself in the story of waterproof miracles.

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Manufacturing Excellence

At We8 International, precision dances with technology in an orchestrated symphony of tile mastery. Their manufacturing sanctuary, equipped with the latest machinery, stands as a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence. Each tile undergoes a meticulous ballet, ensuring not just quality but an artistry that elevates spaces.

SPC Flooring manufacturer

The facility, a buzzing hive of innovation, hums with the rhythm of progress. Cutting-edge technology weaves seamlessly with the hands-on approach, crafting SPC flooring tiles that defy the ordinary. In this space where art meets machinery, the commitment to perfection resonates through every inch.

It's not just about tiles; it's a narrative spun with technological finesse. We8 International's manufacturing prowess isn't a mere process; it's a journey, a dance, a fusion of creativity and engineering that births waterproof SPC flooring tiles designed to grace the floors of discerning spaces nationwide.

Product Line Showcase

Dive into the world of We8 International's SPC flooring tiles, meticulously crafted to redefine your space with a burst of elegance and innovation.

SPC Flooring Products

Standard Size: 1220 x 181 mm

Unveiling a symphony of design, each tile in We8 International's arsenal boasts unique characteristics, breathing life into every room.

Select Products


Radiate brilliance with the Neon series, where every step becomes a dance of light and shadow.


Witness a prelude to sophistication, where Optra sets the stage for timeless beauty underfoot.


Elevate your space to cosmic heights, as Orion introduces celestial patterns that captivate the eye.


Quantum-inspired aesthetics collide with practicality, forging a design leap that transcends the ordinary.


Echoes of nature resonate in Sedona, bringing the outdoors inside with organic textures and hues.


Embrace the avant-garde with Trenz, where innovation meets style in a dance of cutting-edge patterns.


Immerse yourself in the plush elegance of Velish, where every step is a tactile indulgence.


Elevate your surroundings with the architectural splendor of Zion, a testament to refined aesthetics.


Bask in the lunar glow of Luna, where each tile mirrors the captivating elegance of the moonlit night.

In this kaleidoscope of design, We8 International's commitment to waterproof excellence ensures that style meets substance, creating a tapestry of flooring that withstands the test of time and trends.

Waterproof Marvel

In the relentless battle against moisture, We8 International emerges as an undisputed champion, crafting a symphony of resilience and elegance in every tile. Their cutting-edge waterproof technology doesn't just repel water; it dances on it. The tiles become a liquid fortress, guarding your space against the relentless onslaught of spills, splashes, and the occasional flood-like chaos of daily life.

Waterproof SPC Flooring

We8 International's commitment to impermeability is not merely a feature; it's a promise. Picture this – a spilled glass of red wine, futilely attempting to penetrate the surface, defeated and beautifully contained. It's not just waterproof; it's liquid-defying wizardry etched into each meticulously manufactured tile.

Whether it's the bathroom's daily aquatic escapades or the kitchen's culinary storms, these tiles stand resilient, a testament to the marriage of innovation and practicality. Dive into a world where moisture surrenders, and elegance triumphs – courtesy of We8 International.

Trust and Reliability

We8 International stands as the bedrock of trust in the realm of waterproof SPC flooring tiles. Customer testimonials, glowing with satisfaction, weave a tapestry of reliability. The consistency in delivering unyielding quality has become synonymous with We8 International.

In every tile, there's a promise kept, a testament to the enduring craftsmanship embedded in the core values. It's not merely about flooring; it's about crafting a narrative of trust underfoot. We8 International's commitment to unwavering standards has elevated them to a position where each tile laid becomes a foundation of trust, underlining their distinction as a reliable manufacturer in India.

These tiles don't just adorn spaces; they fortify them against the test of time, a true manifestation of the enduring trust We8 International has garnered. As customers step onto a We8 International floor, they're not just stepping onto tiles; they're stepping into a realm of unquestionable reliability.


In the mosaic of flooring choices, We8 International stands as the artisan, crafting tales of elegance and functionality with their Waterproof SPC Flooring Tiles. The 1220 x 181 mm canvases of innovation, from the celestial sophistication of Orion Display to the captivating lunar elegance of Luna Display, weave a narrative of refined aesthetics.

Amidst the flood of options, We8 International emerges as the beacon of reliability, trusted by those who seek not just floors but an experience. The marriage of cutting-edge waterproof technology and a commitment to precision births floors that are not merely underfoot but an eloquent expression of sophistication.

So, as you tread into the realm of We8 International, you're not just choosing tiles; you're stepping into a story where each piece resonates with the symphony of craftsmanship. Transform spaces, embrace elegance – for with We8 International, your floors become an enduring testament to the poetry of waterproof SPC flooring in India.

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