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In a realm where innovation and elegance collide, We8 International emerges as a shining star. This isn't your run-of-the-mill kitchen tiles manufacturer - they're the pioneers of aesthetic marvels! We8 International, a name synonymous with excellence, boasts a lineage of crafting superior quality tiles that redefine flooring. Their technologically finest and highly innovative solutions grace homes and spaces across India and the globe, carving a niche of their own.

But, wait for it, there's more! We8 International isn't just about floors; they are the dream weaver of kitchen aesthetics. It's where practicality meets artistry. A powerhouse of creativity, they offer kitchen tiles in a plethora of sizes, styles, and finishes, ensuring your kitchen speaks your language, whether it's the cozy rustic charm or the sleek modern appeal you desire. Dive into the world of We8 International, and witness the extraordinary merge seamlessly with the everyday.

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Kitchen Tiles Size Range from We8 International

We8 International is aware that proportions are important when designing a kitchen. They have an amazing selection of sizes, each specifically designed to match your particular kitchen. This is a summary of their range of kitchen tile sizes:

  • 300 x 600 mm: Ideal for achieving a traditional, minimalist kitchen design. Flexibility and ease of maintenance are provided by the lower size.

  • 600 x 600 mm: A flexible choice that complements both classic and modern kitchen designs is 600 x 600 mm. To add some creative flare, go for carving or go shiny for a sleek finish.

  • 600 x 1200 mm: Adding a sense of grandeur, this size is perfect for large kitchens. To fit your design concept, select between carved and glossy.

  • 800 × 800 mm: This is the size you use if you want your kitchen to stand out. Matte and glossy coatings in 800 x 800 mm tiles provide different looks.

  • 800 x 1200 mm: Choose carved, glossy, matte, or posh finishes for a hint of elegance.

  • 800 x 1600 mm: This bigger dimension is ideal for designing a visually arresting kitchen area. 

We8 International guarantees that your kitchen may represent your individual taste, whether it's a comfortable family area or a cutting-edge culinary refuge, with these varied sizes and finishes.

Diverse Designs and Finishes That Inspire

It's amazing how many different designs and finishes We8 International offers for their kitchen tiles. They provide a sufficient selection of options to fit every kind of kitchen, from slick contemporary styles to ones with vintage charm.

Kitchen Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Differences in Designs

When it comes to design, We8 International never backs down. You can design a kitchen that makes a statement, regardless of your preference for geometric shapes, conventional patterns, or something entirely else.

Statement-Making Finishes

For subtle elegance, they have matte; for detailed workmanship, they have carved; for an outstanding dazzling appearance, they offer glossy; and for an aura of opulence, they possess posh. Finishes on kitchen tiles add a touch of sophistication, much like frosting on a cake.

Exquisite Precision

More important than its appearance alone is how well it complements the visual style of your kitchen. You might discover the ideal fit for your space, down to the last detail, with so many options offered across the spectrum of sizes, designs, and finishes.

With the vast selection of kitchen tiles from We8 International, architects, and homeowners can create a kitchen that is not only visually appealing but also highly useful.

We8 International's Manufacturing Excellence

When it comes to making the greatest kitchen tiles, We8 International doesn't cut corners. They are now quite proficient at what they do. What sets them apart is this:

Kitchen Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier

  • Modern Facility: Modern, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities form the backbone of We8 International's activities. Not just another industrial plant, but a symphony of perfection with the newest technology moving to the pulse of innovation.

  • Worldwide Reach: Their worldwide reach is really impressive. They have a global reach, and it is more than just a claim—it is evidence of their dependability. Their extensive global networks establish them as a reliable global provider.

  • Magic of Machinery: If you've ever wondered how they create those tiles, the answer is in their equipment. It is a technical marvel that combines science and beauty. This cutting-edge equipment is responsible for the 800 × 1600 mm glossy tiles and the 600 x 1200 mm carving marvels.

  • Crafting Aesthetic Wonders: They create beautiful sculptures in addition to manufacturing tiles. We8 International's tiles, whether glossy or matte, carved or posh, are proof of their dedication to excellence. There is a finish to fit every kitchen design because of the variety available.

We8 International is the epitome of manufacturing perfection, creating kitchen tiles that are works of art ready to be installed in your kitchen. They are more than simply components.


We8 International is the go-to company for kitchen tiles that change the definition of elegance and style—where creativity and innovation collide. Because they offer sizes ranging from the elegant 800 × 1600 mm to the charming 300 x 600 mm, they can satisfy your demands for any and all kitchen designs. The amazing range of patterns and finishes available, from glitzy to elegant, will turn your kitchen into a work of art.

Modern manufacturing facilities and a global presence guarantee premium tiles and a steady supply. Consequently, We8 International sets the bar high and expertly surpasses it in the competitive kitchen tile industry. With every tile, discover creativity, technology, and style. waiting for my dream kitchen!

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